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How To Create an Efficient Continuous Delivery Framework: Why You Should Setup a Device Cloud

May 25, 2017

In this 5-part blog series, we will take a deeper-dive into each step for launching a continuous delivery strategy, starting with the benefits of setting up a mobile device cloud for development and testing. Read More »

How to Perform Cross-Platform App Testing With a Single Script. Really.

May 18, 2017

It might seem too good to be true, but yes, you can use a single script to test across platforms. We even give you the script! Read More »

Guest Blog Submission Guidelines

May 17, 2017

Want to contribute to our blog? Follow these guidelines and send us your blog! Read More »

Recap: Our Top 4 Takeaways from STAREAST 2017

May 17, 2017

Mobile Labs recently attended TechWell’s STAREAST Conference in Orlando. Here are our top 4 impressions from this annual event for software testing and QA professionals.  Read More »

Top 5 Tips For Building a Continuous Delivery Pipeline

May 10, 2017

Mobile Labs recently weighed in on an article in the May 2017 Issue of the SD Times about continuous testing in an agile, DevOps world. In response, our team put together 5 tips to help enterprise mobility teams build a continuous delivery strategy to help them respond to demand.  Read More »

Mobile Labs Supports Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

April 26, 2017

Samsung's newest devices, the Galaxy S8 and S8+, are now ready to be tested with Mobile Labs' internal device cloud, deviceConnect. Read More »

5 Things to Consider When Getting Started with Appium

April 19, 2017

Many enterprise mobility teams have installed Appium, but they aren't sure what to do next. Here's 5 things to consider when beginning your Appium journey. Read More »

11 Tests For A Bulletproof Mobile App Deployment Strategy

March 29, 2017

After weeks of perfecting your newest app, it's time to deploy. But a buggy app can be costly. Be sure to test these 11 things BEFORE you deploy your app! Read More »

Dan's Point of View: 3 Emerging Trends from Mobile World Congress

March 27, 2017

What I learned from a week spent at the world’s largest mobility conference and what it means for enterprise mobility testing. Read More »

5 Important Test Automation Questions To Answer [Basics]

October 12, 2016

Learn the basics of automation testing and the 5 most important questions to answer before starting mobile automation testing. Read More »

Hybrid Mobile Apps: How To Develop a Powerful Test Strategy

September 28, 2016

Prevent poor app reviews. Sound test strategies for mobile applications are essential as hybrid apps become widely adopted. Read More »

11 Tips to Create a Successful Mobile Device Testing Lab

September 27, 2016

Learn the top 11 tips you can use to build a successful mobile device testing lab for your enterprise. Read More »

Mobile App Testing Evaluation Checklist

September 17, 2016

Do You Have a Mobile Testing Checklist? Learn Why A Checklist Can Help. Read More »

4 Techniques to Optimize Your Test Automation Framework

September 11, 2016

Are you optimizing your mobile application testing techniques? Here are four keys to make the most of automated mobile application testing. Read More »

3 Reasons State & Local Governments Need Mobile App Testing

September 1, 2016

If you’re an employee or official working in government, one of your biggest struggles is effectively engaging your constituents. Read More »